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[Game Trailer][Video Production] Experienced Video Producer looking for exciting projects to make trailers for!

A topic by DonWFP created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 226 Replies: 2
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My name is Don and I'm the owner of a small video production studio. I've been in video production for almost 10 years now, starting with corporate work (marketing, training, commercials, internal communications, etc). Having done several well-received game trailers, I'm looking for new and exciting projects to work on! 

My job here is to support you with your game's marketing. I know you're busy building your game, so I handle all game capture - all I need is access to the game and some tips on how to play it well. I'll practice on it as long as I need to get some great-looking footage. To make sure you feel comfortable with this whole process, I always sign an NDA before I begin any work. 

Like I said, my job is to support you. I understand that a lot of indie game devs have to remain budget-conscious, and with marketing being such a vital aspect to the process (namely - a trailer that shows the game off), I will do everything I can to find a solution that fits for both of us.

Contact Me:

Contact form via web page:
Or you can DM me on Facebook or Twitter


ABZU - Official Accolades Trailer (Made for Giant Squid Studios). 

You can see the Giant Squid review below the trailer.

This is the unofficial ABZU Launch Trailer I made (and what got me the official Accolades Trailer gig).

The Azure Sky Project - Official Launch Trailer made for Burgee Games (and their review):

One More Night - Official Launch Trailer made for Big Red Planet:

Planet Bash - Official Launch Trailer made for Big Red Planet:


Hi Don. Though it may be a ways off before I have enough actual gameplay to build a trailer with, I know exactly what you mean by marketing necessities. And I would be happy to have a trailer made for it. But like I said, I don't have much to go on at the moment, but I'd like to stay in touch for that eventuality. However, in the near future, I would like to make a sort of 'opening cutscene' using images and clever transitions. Except I'm kinda stuck on the transitions part. And I'm sure you would know more about that than me.  So if that seems like something you could do let me know. I'd appreciate knowing ahead of time what kind of price I'm looking at. Since its a ways off I'll have plenty of time to allocate that.

Hi, thanks for reaching out! 

I'd love to work with you on creating an opening cutscene. We can make that happen either using artwork that you've already created, create new artwork specifically for it, or a combination of the two. Any animations or assets we create for the opening cutscene can be used in the trailer to keep continuity between the game and trailer. Plus, that's one less asset that would have to be made when it's time to start work on the trailer.

Send me an email at and tell me a bit about your game and what sort of opening cutscene / transitions you had in mind and I'll give you some ideas on how we could move forward on that.

Look forward to it!