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[FOR HIRE / REV SPLIT] Game Composer looking for work!

A topic by Nevyk1984 created 11 days ago Views: 142 Replies: 10
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Hi! I compose for several genres, from retro music, rpg, rock/metal to ambiences. I'll leave here an example of what i can do musically for your game, if you're interested and would like to hire me, please let me know!

RPG Orchestral Epic Battle:

How can I contact you?

Hi! You can contact me at discord by sending DM: Nevyk1984#2489

Look at this epic rpg/fantasy theme for a trailer / cutscene or dramatic game scene:

As for today, we've got this forest theme for rpg/fantasy!

Look at this gloomy/mystery/eerie soundtrack for a rpg town theme... It gives a vibe of desolation and mystery with bitcrushed and crunchy ambient synths and pianos. It's a modern sound for rpgs giving a unique and custom flavor for your dark town theme.

As for today i've got a melodic tribute to solitude / desolation themes for animations/cutscenes in your game with this piano solo:

Do you like metal? Look at this industrial/metal/electronic with live instruments for your action game!

For today we've got this peaceful town theme:

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Looking for an emotional rpg/fantasy inspired song for your project? Check this out:

Aaaaand as for today, if  you're feeling chilly, lonely and cold i've got the music for  you lol. Winter/cold biome for rpgs/fantasy: