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Disorder Demo Now Available

A topic by Kando Corp created Jan 18, 2016 Views: 220
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So it's a little something we have been working on recently and wanted to see how people find the atmosphere of the game so far. This is just a short demo but hopefully you enjoy it!

We will keep updating the demo each time the new version is ready till release.

Leave us a comment on anything you would like to see or like about the game and we will make sure to see what we can do with it.

Anyone doing videos/streaming, then please contact us directly and we can keep you in the loop to play builds slightly earlier than they launch and would love to hear your feedback also.

Disorder follows a detective investigating a murder in a run down part of town...

You have been called to a crime scene where a gruesome murder has taken place. It is your job to search the crime scene and investigate what has happened here as several other officers who have already been called to the scene are now missing also.

Let us know your feedback and if you folks like it or not as we will be working to improve on the experience over time.