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Spellrazor - a haunted arcade game from 1981 · By Fluttermind

Rumours, Conspiracies and Weirdness Sticky

A topic by Fluttermind created Jan 18, 2016 Views: 774 Replies: 2
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Yes, it's spelled that way because I'm British. Maybe the whole game is a British conspiracy to undermine American gaming history? Maybe it's the aliens! However stupid your theory might be, I've probably got a dumber one hiding somewhere.

So I found this game on Game Jolt, and I think that it is really new and interesting, if not obtuse at some times

I have a question about aforementioned obtuse things.

Can I get a hint on a certain puzzle? is there any place I can ask to avoid spoilers?



Hi there! Feel free to contact me using the contact page on the Fluttermind web site. I'll give as many hints as you want.