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[Programmer] looking for a collaboration partner

A topic by Traslogan created Sep 16, 2017 Views: 260
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Hey folks,

I'm Jordan, and I'm a student in Scotland, currently studying Game Design and Production Management at Abertay University.

Long story short, I'm a programmer with most of my experience in C# (Some work in Java too) and the Unity engine. I was self-taught through high-school and now whilst I'm going into my 3rd year of university I'm looking to get some more small projects under my belt, primarily for folio but also to keep me sane throughout the one massive project I will be doing all year long at university.

To be clear I am not looking for a massive "revenue-share / exposure" project that will magically expect a year of my time. I'm looking for just an artist who wants to do some fun projects for folio's sake / practice, realistically I'd probably prefer a 2D game in some form too.

For my past work, I was lead-developer on a small MMO demo called Yonder-MMO, where I assisted with programming, overall team management and was the lead designer.

A video of that project is available here: 

On top of that I've done a couple of gamejam projects, typically within the sphere of my university.

Earlier this year I also did a demo mockup for a 90s-esque Dungeon-Crawler I called Inferria. I was the only person on this project outside of outsourced graphics and music, with a big focus being on trying to detail as much design as possible and also creating a level-editor for the game to use to let players build dungeons and share them.

If you're interested in some collaborative projects, please email me at and I'll do my best to get back to all legitimate emails!