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[SOLVED] Game doesn't run

A topic by Random-StoryKeeper created Sep 15, 2017 Views: 328 Replies: 5
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I purchased the Windows version of the game (I have a Windows 10) back when it was on sale, went and extracted it, but the game doesn't run no matter what I click on. I've tried clicking both the run_win file as well as the  .jar. For the former, the black command prompt window will appear for a few seconds, then briefly disappear and then nothing will happen. When the jar file is clicked on, the cursor indicates that it's trying to run the program (I think), but there's no window that comes up or anything. 

I haven't had trouble running .jar files for other games or programs, but for this particular one, it just isn't opening on my computer.  :(

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That's very strange! A couple of questions for you:

1. What do the log files state? They can be found in the same folder as the game.

2. Are you using the Windows version (the one with a jre folder) or the cross-platform version (the one without)? If you're using the cross-platform version, you need to have Java 8 installed.

Gearend startup glitch

When running run_win.bat in the Windows version.
No log files have shown up since I have tried to run the game. I am using the Windows version, not the cross platform one.

I have just noticed that when running the run_win.bat file, there's a brief error message that pops up on the screen before closing, making it near impossible to grab a screenshot. I ran Gifcam to grab what is attached above. I'm not really sure what this error means, though, but the files aren't logging it. 

Ah, the error says that OpenGL isn't supported by your video driver. So you might need to update your graphics drivers, though the game most likely won't run well at all if you don't have a dedicated graphics card.

Aw, shucks. Would that same error occur in the Steam build as well?

Yep, probably so (though Gearend's not available on Steam as of yet). 

As a side-note, everyone who buys the game here will be able to redeem a Steam key on launch, so you can feel free to try it yourself.