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The Legend Of Lorosity

A topic by SMW created Sep 12, 2017 Views: 185
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We have been working on the Legend Of Lorosity since 2008. The game is going through a nice transformation visually for the Story Demo. These screenshots and game play are from the alpha demo. We are in the phase of full production in integrating the games story. We are currently working on a "Story Demo" for the public to play which of course will be an actual segment of the real game!

The gameplay of The Legend of Lorosity brings back traditional turned based rpg inspired from classic jrpg. It features the following · Traditional Random Enemy Encounters · Each Character has unique skills. · Crystal Magic System for character to get an extra edge in battle. · Defend and Defend Boost Info on defend boost- Defend boost is a unique way to give the defense option an extra meaning in battle

We have already released the alpha a little while ago which can be gotten here.


 Arrow Keys Up,Down,Left,Right:    Controls Character

 Shift Key, or A:   Makes the Character Sprint 

 Z:  Confirms X Cancels/Opens Party Menu

 S: Switch Character(In Battle) 

Alpha Demo Level Cap is 5 Bandit King Jaka Can cause bleed(currently in Alpha build no item heals bleed) if the character dies that is bleeding the status effect will be removed.

We will be updating with new screen shots and gameplay from the story demo soon!