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Paint of Persia

Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool · By dunin

This util need auto-paint from captured image

A topic by andreymust19 created Sep 09, 2017 Views: 390 Replies: 2
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I suggest that:
1) Create/import color pallete
2) Click point on the captured image for every color
3) Press 'space' to automatic translation captured image to pixel image with selected pallete

If you make this feature, then no need handmade-paint every frame.


Hy, thanks for suggestions.

 1: there already is an import option, for .aco .gpl and .png files (the little arrow on the bottom-right of color picker), if you think another type is missing, I will add it.

2: It's an hidden feature (because it isn't stable for now): right-click on pipette to activate and pipette will work with the image behind too.

3: In my opinion, it's out of the scope of this tool; I know it's hard but rotoscoping is handmade paint and have better result because you do choices...

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No, no. You wrong understand, i mean only ONE suggestion (not three) to automate frame generation by selecting similar pixels on image for every color on palette.

Yes, i know what rotoscope is manual process. But you may speed up this process by this method, to fill basic contours. Details and pixel-by-pixel correction is left on handmade side.