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Holitojin Dungeon - Stealth + Trivia

A topic by Roh created Sep 06, 2017 Views: 94
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Have you ever thought "Hum, stealth + trivia + 2d retro style = good game"? Well, me neither, but here we are!

I had to make a game for college using BGI (Borland Graphics Interface). It is a somewhat limited system for making games and such.After i finished i decided to recreate and exact copy of it in Gamemaker Studio 2, keeping the limitations and art, only changing the language to english (original was in portuguese), and here it is! hope you folks enjoy it


Imprisoned by evil creatures for crimes you didn't commit, in the famous Holitojin Dungeon, you thought your freedom was over, with every passing night hope was slipping. But, for reasons unknown, your cell's lock malfunctioned one day, and now all you gotta do is run!

Try to avoid the guards, get hints about the door password with the other prisoners, and run to the exit!