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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

My Little Village

A topic by eloy2030 created Sep 04, 2017 Views: 1,027 Replies: 17
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Hey! I wanted to make a post showing off my creation!

Main view of the whole thing.

Main village.

Upper Class (I wanted to decorate the whole thing with flower but they ended up dying)

They only eat pie. XD

Middle Class

They eat porridge.

Lower. Bread.

Shops.(Pie, porridge and cloths)

Main entrance.

South Entrance.

View from the lake at dawn. O.o

Core Production area.



Little Village on the south.

Well, this is it, I hope u liked it!

I´ll update as the game updates.

Let me know what u think!

ps. I´ll be uploading some on discord too...

Edit: I forgot to add a save...



thanks man!

U started it!

This is amazing! I will try to make something similar next update


I´m looking forward to see it!



Little?! that awesome dude! my village its nothing near your village 

well, thanks!

but... It could always be bigger!

if you make it bigger autonauts needs a map more bigger too

hey, can i ask u something? have tried downloading the save file? because Pepe is having problems with, could u try?


AWESOME! by the way i want to play that world could you put in the save again. It says it expired. thanks :)

tks, man!

it should work now.

Uhmm sorry for bothering you but it still doesnt work ;-; this is why i hate onedrive ;P

(1 edit)

mmmh, any idea how to fix it?

edit: its possible u wern´t signing in... now does it work?

(1 edit)

i was logged in (Which was required in the first place :P) i guess its fine. If you really want to fix it just reply to his reply with a googledrive link instead that will work :) EDIT: i hope

i udapte the link 3 time... if it doesn´t work I dont know what to do...

Refreshing link wont help, you have to re-upload the item to google drive (I recommend) and then send the link. Its not the link that has expired but the item.