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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna


A topic by krisselia created Sep 03, 2017 Views: 998 Replies: 5
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So I played this game for about two hours straight and saved it about 3 times just in case of any crashing. But when I closed the game and loaded it later, my save file was gone :( The "continue" button wouldn't work so I tried creating a new game and then save>load but still nothing. I then decided to test if the new file would save, and it doesn't save either. Once I exit the game, all my progress is lost and I have to restart the next time I try to play. Please help! (Also I'm on Windows not Mac)


Alright, that's very odd! Let's first find out whether or not you have an actual save file.

Go to this folder:  "Tailor Tales Beta v 1.3\Tailor Tales\www\save"

It should have about 4 files in there if you saved. One file called  "config.rpgsave" and two files called file1.rpgsave (one is a back-up), then there's "global.rpgsave".

Are any of these files in that folder?

Also, when you save, you're seeing this screen, right?

When I click the "save" folder, it takes me to a folder called ".." but when I click that folder, it takes me back to before I clicked the "save" folder :/ Basically a loop between the two screenshots below. Also, my saving screen in the game is the same as in your picture.


Oh ok, I see where the issue is.

You need to unpack the game - you've been running it from the zip file the entire time, no wonder it can't save. Unzip the file (you can use the default Window's unzipping method, or download WinRAR), pick a nice location on your PC, and the game should function as normal.

Since you already played before, I recommend saying  'yes' to having played the previous beta as it'll start you with some gold/exp and you can select which chapter you want to read in the menu.

Ohh I see. Thank you for the assistance!

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I'm having problems loading the game, when I press 'save manual' it won't load, and it just shows some link, I don't know what to do :(

(on windows not mac)