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Children of Midnight Quickstart TTRPG Release Info!

A topic by Balsamic Moon Games Collective created May 16, 2021 Views: 175
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After several months of writing and playtesting, our table-top role-playing game about wyld witches surviving a hostile alternate history modern world is ready for the public.

Children of Midnight Quickstart is Balsamic Moon Games Collective's first major game release; scheduled for Friday the 17th of September, 2021. -or-

Children of Midnight is a gender inclusive urban fantasy Forged in the Dark table-top role-playing game. The free 42 page full color Quickstart contains all of the rules and character sheets needed to play a one shot or short campaign.

Players take the role of Wyld Witches and their Familiars who form a Coven for mutual support and protection in a dark and harsh modern (alternate history) world. Wyld Witches are pursued by a tyrannical pseudo-governmental organization who aims to bind their powers for the supposed good of a society that rejects them. The mad fae, a witch-controlled military, mythical creatures and those who hunt them, other cults, congregations and covens can be allies or adversaries depending on the coven's beliefs and goals.

Press should contact @BalsamicGames on twitter or email for the access password.

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