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Soundtrack and bonus levels

A topic by BepisShober created May 15, 2021 Views: 87 Replies: 1
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Hey. Just bought this game and wondered if it's awesome soundtrack can be featured in a standalone archive, as I'm neither programmer nor developer and don't know how to extract sound files from an archive. Also I was pretty impressed by this small, yet impressive project, with not only but two branching paths, whcih is absent even in AAA titles, so I hope to see additional levels or a second game. Thank you.

Developer (2 edits)

Hey thanks for buying and the kind remarks.  Another game is currently in the works.

As for the soundtrack, I will be releasing this soon as a reward.  So anyone who has donated/bought will be able to download it when it's made available.  I want to just extend some of the tracks and make sure all is up to snuff before releasing.  I'll include mp3 and flac files.  I can't give an ETA, but it should be soon :)