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[Help/Bug] Tilemap editor Locked

A topic by vyxia created Jan 15, 2016 Views: 444 Replies: 3
This topic was locked by Elisée Jan 17, 2016
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Hello again(Is this even the right place for bugs etc? x3)

I found that in both using the browser or the built in tilemap editor some bugs happen.

Bug one is that it wont show me the tiles i placed down untill i select the eraser tool(switching back to the brush hides them again)

Bug two is that layers cannot be unticked(i figure it is supposed to hide them) or reticked to show/hide.



Hello! The tile in the bottom right is used to render an empty tile. So there should be nothing on it. Is that your problem ?

A tutorial to explain a bit how to work with tilemaps is something we should definitely add...

Ha, and i was already looking for code that was amazingly selecting the background color(my last tile ;))!

And yeah, might want to add a little info box for this haha.

But its working now! :D (warning, fancy WIP tiles)

Moderator (Edited 1 time)

Created an issue for it! https://github.com/superpowers/superpowers-game/is...

Screenshot looks cool :D