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Trepidation 0.0.20 Released

A topic by trepidation created Aug 31, 2017 Views: 195
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Trepidation is an open source first person shooter based on the IOQuake3 engine.  Trepidation was a project originally conceived  with the intent to build a free first person shooter with a sci-fi theme.  The idea was initially developed by members of the Star Trek Elite Force gaming community.  We aim to have a game that runs well even on older machines that is fast paced and fun to play.

This release has an installer for windows as well as a self-extracting archive for 32 and 64 bit Linux.

– 18 multiplayer levels (maps).
– Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Map Compatability.
– An original soundtrack featuring 10 original tracks.
– 7 Game Modes.
– In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP)
– All New Weapons
– Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes.
– Build defensive Gun Turrets in capture the flag.
– Random Map Rotations
– New features for Mappers.

– Trepidation gametype with Instagib modifier.
– New One 4 All Gametype in Single Player Mode.
– Bots can now, somewhat decently, play the Trepidation gametype.
– Now Compatible with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3.
– Flame Thrower Primary Fire completely rewritten.
– New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF.
– Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag.
– Random Map Rotations
– Server admins, setup simple file based map rotations.
– Lots of bugfixes

We are interested to hear your thoughts!

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