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How do you practice adding detail to your Pixel sprites?

A topic by rickEofC created Aug 29, 2017 Views: 301 Replies: 2
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I've asked this question on a few forums but I want to know as much as possible for this skill which eludes me. I can seem to get the basic shapes right but once I need to add detail I can never get the sprite looking like I want. So What do you all do? If I have an idea I try a 16x16 sketch, then try to add detail at 32x32 then if needed go to 64x64 should I just start at 64 you think? Should I block in then save multiple drafts and just keep practicing? How do you guys get detail into your pixel art?


Try going even lower. Make your tiles in 8x8 first, then upscale to 16x16 (via nearest neighbor) and smooth out lines, add shading, whatever. Some tiles you'll have to redraw entirely. That will be tricky at first, but keep trying. Once you're comfortable working at that size, it should be easier to start directly in higher resolutions, but I'm not there yet.

Whatever you do, make sure to work with a restricted color palette like DB16, DB32, the Tango Icon color palette or even one of your own devising. Otherwise you'll be paralyzed by choice, and your tiles will look mismatched.


These are great tips! Thank you so much!