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A topic by googumproduce created Jan 14, 2016 Views: 1,102 Replies: 7
This topic was locked by googumproduce Dec 17, 2017
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Jan 14 2016

  • Fixed a fatal bug that occurs during the introduction of a Presidential Impeachment.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the Continue button would not work in Elections when loaded from a Save.
  • Added some music and updated Credits.

Feb 01 2016

  • Fixed multiple text bugs that were introduced last update and missed, most notably...
  • Adding Concessions Action button mistakenly using the same text as Requesting Concession Rights.
  • Rider Creation alerts outputting a number instead of the name of the Bill that the Rider is a derivative of.
Developer (2 edits)

June 08 2016

  • Fixed some cases of text overflowing buttons.
  • Fixed bug where dirt drops from the police chief wouldn't function properly for secondary reps.
  • Changed coloring of Election profiles and Alt Rep profiles to blacken the name box when you have dirt on a Rep
  • Changed coloring of Rep profiles to blacken the name box when you have forced submission of a Rep.
  • Changed seat buttons to include an asterisk when you have a dirt on a Rep or Alt Rep
  • Changed Election state buttons to no longer have black names for when a dirty Rep is involved, only for contested seats
  • Added Trump into the game as the instigator of Impeachments (win 6 bills in a row to activate).

June 21 2017

  • Secondary Rep buttons are now black when you have dirt to mitigate confusion.
  • Fixed certain graphics and increased minmax of camera scaling to handle wider resolutions.
Developer (1 edit)

June 23 2017 - version 6

  • Finally noticed a ridiculously old and huge bug where the use of saves deletes caucus groupings. The bugfix renders all old saves unusable.

June 28 2017 - version 7

  • Fixed leftover bug from caucus saves fix which made leader links fail after loaded from a save.
  • Fixed a bug where the minimum vote threshold for a bill pass would sometimes be 1 below the actual minimum.
  • Separated counts of Bills Introduced and Bills Won in top status to prevent confusion.
  • Added Consecutive Wins count to top status.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a vote that had been secured by a ~dark secret force~ would return to being undecided.
  • Fixed a bug where changing election funds back to zero in a race would not update election projections.
  • Changed Impeachment scenario to take precedence over Budget Bills.
Developer (1 edit)

August 07 2017 - version 8

  • Fixed bug which would cause game to hang if a caucus member (not the leader) resigned.
Developer (2 edits)

December 17 2017 - version 9

Because many of the changes in this update involve the procgen, this version has drastically different starting conditions and the saves of previous versions will no longer function. I'll be keeping around v8 for download for anyone who misses TK.

  • Player is now appraised of trust changes post-election.
  • Rush the Vote box color now represents who will win the vote.
  • Rushing a losing bill to a vote will now clear all threats/promises you made that bill.
  • Refined avatar generation to better represent the demographics of the State.
  • Added new flavortext for Bill results (Republican Whip now comments on your wins too).
  • Refined button texts to ease assessment of actions and prevent text overflow.
  • Refined button colors to ease assessment of actions.
  • Added new Bills that do cool things...
    • A one chance  (Bill 11) Puerto Rico statehood bill which changes the states in congress.
    • Anti/Pro-Lobbyist bills which decreases/increases lobby influence after enactment.
    • Electoral Fairness/Security bills which produces more/less reps who's views align with their state.
  • Can no longer force the vote on budget bills.
  • Budget Riders (on passed budgets) now effect election funding, where the differential between D and R riders is how much funding must be given away from the party with more Riders.
  • Added Riders highlight buttons for Reps that are drafting riders and reps that created riders.
  • Refined Republican Whip AI to abuse Pork when able and other useful moves while ahead in the count rather than doing nothing.
  • Fixed bug where force vote button would stick around after use.
  • Fixed bug where riders would cause opinion percentages to go outside of bounds.
  • Fixed misgendered pronouns in text.
  • Fixed bug where pork and concessions could not be used on the same rep over multiple bills.