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Troubleshooting Sticky Locked

A topic by MagellanicGames created May 08, 2021 Views: 78
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Developer (2 edits)

Some issues might be fixable with a few tweaks, so here is some guidance if you are having issues with running the game.  If you can't find a fix here, none of them work or the issue is not listed here or on the bugs post, leave post here

  • Game save issues
    • Progress and/or options configuration not being saved - make sure you have write access to the directory.  This will vary on operating system, but generally try to extract the game to it's own directory.
  • macOS Specific
    • If the game warns that it cannot be opened due to lack of developer verification try the following: Open app -> click "Cancel" -> go to "System Preferences" -> go to "Security & Privacy" - click "Open Anyway" -> open app again -> click "Open"
    • Saves are lost after quitting - Run the game from the command line. Shouldn't be an issue in 1.12 - just run as normal.
    • You get the message “App is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash.” error and exits: Remove the Gatekeeper quarantine flag with the following command: xattr -dr /path/to/Office Point Rescue Deja
  • General
    • Screen is stretched if using an ultrawide monitor/resolution.  At the moment, the game only supports 16:9 resolutions.  I'll look at supporting more resolutions in the future but for now I can only suggest running the game in windowed mode and dragging to the correct size.  Not a proper solution I know, sorry but I am one man and have no ultrawide monitors.
    • Game freezes on loading - This is usually due to tabbing out of having focus of another window while the game is loading a level.  The game shouldn't crash and even if you get a "not responding" warning, if you wait it should carry on as normal once it's done.  The game should be able to handle you tabbing out whilst the level is loading, the OS just panics as it thinks it's lost communication.
    • Mouse still showing in-game after tabbing out - Just tab in and out again or open the pause menu (escape key) and it'll recapture the mouse.
    • Game crashes on completing a level - Make sure you have downloaded the latest version.
    • Game crashes on exiting to the menu or restarting a level - Make sure you have downloaded the latest version
    • Mouse is too sensitive even on lowest setting - Make sure you have downloaded the latest version.