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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema


A topic by Xelex created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 279 Replies: 3
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          HOW DARE YOU?!?  I have spent the last few nights losing sleep and procrastinating in order to finish Dallas' Route. But that isn't what I'm upset about. No, I'm upset because this game made me enjoy something I usually don't care for. Let me give it to ya straight. I am someone who doesn't swear, drink, smoke, engage in premarital sex, or enjoys stories with DRAMA. I have enough drama in my reality and have no desire to endure more in my virtual/fictional escapes. I'm not saying I have a fondness for Mary-Sues or anything, but I truly try to avoid as much unnecessary drama as possible. There I was browsing the games and thinking "Oh, that looks interesting." Turns out I was wrong. It wasn't interesting...it was FANTASTIC! These characters are real and raw. Their scenes and dialogues are well written and designed. It's actually kinda nitty-gritty with some edge. Sharp enough to make you feel the pain the characters are feeling, but not unbearably so. This is what's surprised me. As I played this game, I thought, "Why am I doing this to myself?" My best guess is that the game is so well done/written/designed that I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. Like I said before, how dare you make me enjoy something I usually avoid. You also have my sincerest thanks for the unexpected experience. I truly rode those emotional rollercoasters with the characters, and you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it. BRAVO! *stadium applause*

         I do realize I may be prejudging the game, seeing as I have only played one route thus far, but I look forward to reading the others. So whether or not I enjoy the other routes, it doesn't matter at this point because what I have read/seen/played so far is BRILLIANT work. 

          Now, I will take a moment to stop gushing/ranting to ask what to do or who to contact with glitches/errors/grammar/spelling mistakes? I may or may not have taken screen shots of said things and have them ready to inform who ever may need to know. BTW I think this is the first time I truly posted on a forum. (I'm assuming reddit doesn't count)



FYI, also adore the music!


Yeah, I agree about the drama. Fun should be the goal. Edginess sometimes comes off as for its own sake, and I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of drugs or get uncomfortably real about anything - I hate it when that happens in stuff I'm watching/reading, because, well, it gets uncomfortable. I still  have a long way to go as a writer, but thank you for letting me know I didn't dive off the deep end here.

My name is Aleema and I am the one to contact about bugs/errors. You can compile a list if it's long and submit to my email: maselphie AT gmail    because I have a folder to keep track of it.

Thank you so much for the rare post. :) Losing sleep over a game is the highest compliment, I think. I'm glad you got to enjoy something a little different. Each route has it's own flavor; Dallas' is definitely the most angsty. Beau's is playful and sexy, Emmitt's is about maturity and learning to open up (and also playful). A lot of people like Wizz, if you just stick out the "they swear at each other a lot" phase.

Thank you, Xelex!

Well, you're doing great so far and I believe you will continue to do so.

Nice to meet you Aleema. I will send the list after I try the main routes. I am now working on Beau's route.

FYI lost some sleep last night with his route too. I am having a blast with the Blue Rose and her antics. If you don't mind me saying, Emmitt kinda reminds me of Beast Boy from Teen Titans (the earlier one not the new one that breaks my heart by not comparing in quality to the older one. (I may be a tad bit bitter.)). But yeah, I love Beast Boy! Wizz looks like it will be an interesting route. 

Keep up the great work,