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Dungeon Crawler

A topic by MulticoloredLion14 created 1 day ago Views: 59
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I am currently working on a dungeon crawler.  I have made 1 level so far. 

Basically you have to navigate a dungeon and collect crates and rewards. I made a path for the player to follow to get to the end. The door will be at the end. Once the player collides with the door, they will be sent to the next level. 

I really don't know If i should make stages with levels, or just levels. Pls help.

Here's a screenshot:

Go to my page and play my other games:

Update: Hello everyone! The first level of my dungeon crawler will be delayed by a bit because i found some small bugs. So, expect for the first level of dungeon crawler to be published at 4:30. 

Be on the lookout!