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The Legend Of Lorosity Alpha Demo

A topic by SMW created Aug 25, 2017 Views: 482
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The legend of Lorosity is a tale of an incredible power that could change anything... From a person’s looks… destiny… and even the world itself... This power exists within 8 shards, which were once a whole crystal... Once gathered, unimaginable wishes may be granted (Number of shards is not finalize and can potentially change).

The Legend of Lorosity brings back traditional turned based rpg inspired from classic jrpg. It features the following

· Traditional Random Enemy Encounters

· Each Character has unique skills.

· Crystal Magic System for character to get an extra edge in battle.

· Defend and Defend Boost

Info on defend boost- Defend boost is a unique way to give the defense option an extra meaning in battle. Traditionally the defend option isn't used too often in battle so what we did is any perk that is on an accessory item only gets activated for that character in battle once you use the defend boost option. It uses up a turn, but it will give you the extra perk that your accessory currently has.

· Tier System- The Tier system replaces traditional stats. Character stats are placed in tiers, (example a character that is D tier in speed and is fighting an enemy that’s a C tier in speed the enemy will always be faster no matter what your level is unless you raise your character tier above the enemies. The system is more in depth but we will talk more about that later.

Arrow Keys Up,Down,Left,Right Controls Character
Shift Key, or A Makes the Character Sprint
Z Confirms
X Cancels/Opens Party Menu
S Switch Character(In Battle)
Alpha Demo Level Cap is 5
Bandit King Jaka Can cause bleed(currently in Alpha build no item heals bleed) if the character dies that is bleeding, once revived that status effect will be removed.

Try out the alpha demo! :)