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Platformer from scratch

A topic by Harrum created Jan 12, 2016 Views: 595 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone,

This blog is going to be about a game I'm creating completely from scratch. I know this isn't the best way to create a game but for me it's more about the experience of programming a game.This is a journey where I try to discover how to do thing and then discover how to do thing better. The source will be public to anyone and feedback will always be welcome.As a programmer this blog will focus mainly on the coding side of the game and not so much the art.

The design of the game is in a really early stage right now. It's going to be a 2D platformer with some kind of combat, I really liked the game Spelunky so that's the probably the direction the game will go at. Altough at this stage I'm mainly adding basic functionality to the game.

This game is being made in C# using Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition as editor. For the graphics I'm using SharpDX, this basically is a C# wrapper around the original DirectX. The source can be found here.

Right now the game has the following features:

  • Basic Entity system
  • Textures
  • Basic collision
  • Basic level loading

Here is a video showing the game in a very early stage, here the collision is tested using a QuadTree. Using a QuadTree you don't have the check every entity with every other entity for collision, just the ones in it's near surrounding.

Let me know what you think about this kind of blog, this is very much an introduction and also my first time writing a blog. In the following post I will try to explain a little bit more how I did certain things in the code.

Next up: Further work on the collision and camere movement.

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Been a while but here I am with a new update.

I added a playeble character and a camera, the camera can be attached to any entity and will position itself so the entity will be at the center. The camera movement is done by adjusting the TranslationVector of the Matrix with the position of the camera, this way the drawing code for entities stays the same while I only have to adjust the Matrix every update cycle.

The collision is also further implemented. It's now properly working on all sides and each entity can now interact when it has collision or collides.

Here is a video of the player movement and the camera moving along with it. The collision can also be seen, I added arrow for testing purposes to see if all the right blocks create collision.

Next things I'd like to implement are:

- Lighting
- Water
- Background