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Custom Airports

Custom location files for Endless ATC · By startgrid

Updated suggestion list

A topic by ZacKaplowitz created Apr 29, 2021 Views: 105 Replies: 2
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Hey, really don't want to spam so I'll leave the updated link and let you work on your own time. Thanks so much for all your effort, and you did well addressing suggestions in the last update, so thank you for that!


Thanks for the list. Next update will have a custom speed restriction level, to allow for higher speeds above a certain level. Also looking into adding custom atc naming/frequencies to allow for more realistic handoff readbacks.

Amazing, thank you.

A bug I have noticed: when instructing an aircraft to leave a fix on a specified heading, if you then assign them a heading from present position as they are very close to that fix, their readback is "roger, we will enter the holding" or something similar, but then they just fly the heading.