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Welcome! Sticky

A topic by Jack Le Hamster created Jan 11, 2016 Views: 497 Replies: 2
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Welcome to the discussion board for Dobuki Epic Journey. Feel free to leave comments here.


First of all: the quality of the game is very high. I'm sure that can be compared to a commercial product. Such solid and substantial plot is very uncommon today, in which too many developers waste time writing "infinite platformers" or "crazy clickers" games.

So, bravo Jack Le Hamster! :)

BTW I haven't yet added my comment at newground (I want beat the game, first. But at the moment I'm stuck), but obviously 5 stars are guaranteed.

No... 5 stars are mandatory! ;)

Super great work Jack!


Thanks, very glad you like it! I'll try to make more adventure games in the future.