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[Unity][Programmer][Offer]ClickPointGames Coders - Looking for a contract - We do the scripting so you don't have to!

A topic by ClickPointGames created Aug 20, 2017 Views: 135
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Hello, people of the internet and aspiring dev's id like to welcome you to our service.

We at CPG are a small Indie team comprising (currently) only of coders and we are wanting to offer out our skills to other projects like yours.

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the market with simple scripts (written in C#) only costing 5GBP and extending up to the most complex and long scripts at only 60GBP!

As well as this we are offering two special offers for the community:

1) One free SIMPLE to an EASY script (Up to 8GBP value) for a social media shout out for ClickPointGames and a credit spot for your game.

2) Free scripts of any difficulty for art work produced by yourself with full rights handed over to us.

Disclaimer - 

We at CPG will expect to be paid prior to our service with at least a 25% deposit this is to ensure we are not totally scammed we also reserve the right to take the buyer to court if the full quoted amount is not paid on the script being received.