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Looking for Playtesters and colab

A topic by NewB created 8 days ago Views: 48
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Currently Looking for Playtesters and anyone to colab on a Table top card game im developing, the premiss is
 a dungeon building/treasure grabbing/hack and slash type card game where one player plays as the dungeon 
controller of monsters and traps building a dungeon as you go and the rest play as hero's trying to collect as
much treasure and fame as they can.
Who im Looking for: 
                   -Play testers- any adult that enjoys fantasy style games of all types (on tabletop 
                                    simulator) or as a print and play real life tester)
                   -Art Design- any artist that enjoys fantasy games and art
                   -Game Design- anyone with a passion for making game systems and rules
                   -other- anyone with a passion for game creation that would bring additional insights
 Number of Players: 2 or more players 
Approximate Session Length:  30 min a game
Testing Period: 3 to 6 months    
 Other Details: i have already done alot of the leg work in the card creation (alpha playtest cards only) 
and have even ported the game to tabletop simulator. looking for people to test and help with the gameplay
and final rules so that we could bring this game to market. compensation would be supplied in royalties to 
be discussed in person.
How To Contact: please feel free to email me at for any details or questions and for
better chance of me seeing the email use CARD GAME in all caps as your subject line so i dont skip over and
think that its spam mail. also if you havent heard back from me within 3 days feel free to email again as i 
have probably missed your mail! thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!!
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