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[Programmer] Seeking C# Programmer for Unity to join team!

A topic by Saria975 created Apr 26, 2021 Views: 188 Replies: 3
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Hey, Programmer!

My name is Sarah, I currently study Game Design and Development in Sydney, Australia. I have experience using Blender 3D Software for object modeling, GitHub for version control, Unity for 2D and 3D development, and dabbled in Unreal Engine 4. 

The team of 3 (and growing) and I are currently in the early stages of a passion project for a 3D isometric fighting/base defense game and we would love to share this project with you!

We have curated a GDD. for more information, please reply to this comment. Here are some details on the project, your input and critique are welcome!

In a local multiplayer, 3D isometric fighting/base defense game, each player only has 1 health point and must work together to defeat evil kittens - slowly morphing into robots- from attacking the cardboard box factory (the level/environment).

Each kill will award a point to the player. Opponents have different collections of points. Players are supposed to defend themselves from the enemies, and their opponents until they have more points than the other players, then must seek to defeat the other players. It only takes one hit to defeat your opponent. Characters are in cardboard boxes, this is the art design for the implementation of a defense, blocking dynamic

Hey there! If you are looking for some programming help hit me up on geqwe#1062. I can't be greatly involved with the project but I'll be happy to be fed ideas and turn them into code. I mainly work in Unity and with C#. Check out my profile to see my previous work.

you need a 2d pixel artist cause id help for free with pixel art

Hey!  Can you reach me on Discord?  FatBat#0275

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