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Experienced Indie Voice Actress looking for work

A topic by TiffanyWitcherVo created Aug 19, 2017 Views: 156
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Greetings, I'm an voice actor looking for work. I have worked already with a few people on this board and would love to expand my resume.

I record at 44100 kHz 16-bit and use wav or mp3 files. My ranges are from teen to older adult and I can also edit files for effects as well.

I have worked with companies such as Fasold Games on this very board and companies who's games are now on steam such as Greyborn Studios, Critical Bliss and more.

My pay rates depend on the amount of lines I receive for the game. This doesn't mean I'm not open to free projects. I can do NSFW projects as well but that is paid only. 

Once I receive the lines I will also need a deadline and my pay up front or half. I more than likely get the work done within five days. I also with pleasure will rerecord lines until my client is happy.

Now this doesn't mean I don't work for free. I do take free projects but all I ask is for respect for getting the work in. I do take revshare as well.

My site with my demo, games I've worked on and testimonials from past clients. (Note some games aren't there due to NDA)

Thank you for your time. If you have more questions email me at


Tiffany Witcher