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Ubercube is a first person shooter multi-player game set in a completely destroyable voxel world. · By Marccspro

1 week a way from Pre Alpha 1.1

A topic by Marccspro created Aug 18, 2017 Views: 125
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Hi everyone !

It seems like we should be about a week a way from the new version (Pre Alpha 1.1), witch includes a bunch of bug fixes, stability fixes and a real launcher ! Get prepared, the real stuff is about to come. If you want to follow the development we have a trello page and if you want contribute here is the github page.

Their has been a post about the fact that the game is a ripoff off Ace of Spades. I want to reply and say that yes in fact it is for the moment, and it's are intention, we where all players of the legacy version and as true fans we just want to get the gameplay back, the new version is not free and hasn't got the same gameplay.

Ubercube is free and open-source, are intention is just to share are work.