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Hey everyone !

I'm making this post to announce that alpha 1 is near complete and should be out soon !

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below !

In the mean time, here is a little teaser image:

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Could you send me the log.txt file, it should be located in your ~/Library/Application Support/.ubercube/data/macos, I don't have a mac so I couldn't test the build. Send it directlyat this link -> Thanks for the help !

Hi everyone !

It seems like we should be about a week a way from the new version (Pre Alpha 1.1), witch includes a bunch of bug fixes, stability fixes and a real launcher ! Get prepared, the real stuff is about to come. If you want to follow the development we have a trello page and if you want contribute here is the github page.

Their has been a post about the fact that the game is a ripoff off Ace of Spades. I want to reply and say that yes in fact it is for the moment, and it's are intention, we where all players of the legacy version and as true fans we just want to get the gameplay back, the new version is not free and hasn't got the same gameplay.

Ubercube is free and open-source, are intention is just to share are work.

Hi wah890,

Have you compiled the game ? By downloading the game, your downloading the source code of the game, which needs to be compiled. To learn how to compile:

If you did this, then the error is maybe caused by the fact that you need to connect on a server. The first thing to do is to start a server, once it's done you can run the game.

We are working on a version 1.1 of the game that will provide a launcher to avoid these steps.

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Hi NoVowelStudios

You are saying that the game is a copy of Ace of Spades, your totally right, and you even gave the reason why. I was a player of the old Ace of Spades, and I was very angry when I heard it wasn't free anymore. And I have to say that the new Ace of Spades isn't that great (my own opinion). And I don't want to play a hacked version.

What I decided to do with friends is to bring back the old Ace of Spades, completely free, it's even open source if you want to help us. We are doing this as true fans of the old version, with the same game play as a base. The difference is that everyone can help and everyone can give ideas. So I guess if you don't like it, then don't follow the game.