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[Steam Greenlight]Sekaiju: Yggdrasi Visual Novel

A topic by MoonStar created Jan 09, 2016 Views: 714 Replies: 1
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世界樹: Yggdrasil Windows 1.3

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Our story revolves around our protagonist Yamakazi Kusanagi, an ordinary boy whose life was dramatically altered upon waking up in Alfheim, the land of elves, after a colossal Earthquake.

Upon arriving in this magical land, our protagonist strives to find out if there are any connections between a phenomenon in Alfheim known as the universal tremor and the earthquakes back home while attempting to stay alive and discover who is trying to assassinate the princess of Alfheim and usurp the throne.

Or perhaps, he has intimate connections with the very mysteries of the world itself...


Sekaiju:Yggdrasil (Translation World Tree: Yggdrasil) is a fantasy themed, slice of life Visual Novel with a some elements of dating-sim and of course some echi and fanservice. It is fully voiced and extensively interactive!

Each path you take will get you to a unique ending.– A unique story with unique plot.

1. Full Voice Acting
2. Original Soundtrack
3. High Quality Artwork
4. Full HD 1080p
5. Fluid Gameplay
7. Every Choice you make has impact on the story
8. Multiple Unique Endings
9. Music Gallery
10. CG Gallery
11. Scene Gallery( aka scene replay gallery)










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Yamakazi Kusanagi


While he's a lazy ass pervert who dreams of having a harem of girls at his feet, Kusanagi has a surprisingly kind hearted side. When he sees someone in trouble, he feels compelled to help them whether they be a family member, close friend or even a stranger.

He started practicing jujutsu(an old kind of martial art) and kendo together with his childhood friend Kogara Sachi at the age of five, but stopped after breaking a bully's arm in a fit of rage.

Besides his fruitless dreams of having his own harem, all he wants to do is become a NEET/hikikomori. It is not to be though, as Sachi has made a habit of waking him up and dragging him off to school whether he likes it or not.

Kusanagi can be a charming, intelligent man when he has to, and knows how to carry himself in a fight whether it be fought with the sword, shinai, or his fists alone.

Kogara Sachi


Sachi is Kusanagi's childhood friend since she was five, when Kusanagi saved her from a pack of stray

dogs (which she believed to be wolves.) From then, she has helped him with everything from

preparing his daily meals to helping him study. They both started martial arts around the same age, a

sport that fostered their friendship and rivalry.

Alvaerele Ikeshia


Ikeshia the elven princess of Alfheim, who after the death of her brother she was declared the next

heir to the throne by her father. She is very cold in nature and trusts no one else other than her father

and her maid Elisven.



Elisven is a maid at the elven palace (and Princess Ikeshia's personal and most trusted maid, despite

being somewhat awkward.) Due to her more darker skin tone, she has always been seen as a spy of the

dark elves; thus, she has always been bullied and persecuted while growing up. Even now, after many

years in service to Princess, she is often threatened and sometimes beaten by prejudiced individuals

who still believes she's only a spy. She is extremely loyal and feels indebted to the princess for seeing

what she truly is beyond her physical appearance.

世界樹: Yggdrasil Staff

Main Staff:

MoonStar and Mafuda


Character Design: pinguin-kotak
Backgrounds: Uncle Mugen and Aswaforce.
CG: Artemisumi
Logo: LucaMadison
GUI: Aleema


Writer: MoonStar
Voice Actors Scripter: Marisa Lenti and MoonStar.


Composer: Florenz Dominic Sison and N.H.C

Voice Cast:

Yamakazi Kusanagi: Matthew Curtis ( En-Vision America; The Adventures of Lord Dinby, Duke of Space!; Conquest of Champions; LEGO Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.)
Kogara Sachi: Helen Ni
Alvaerele Ikeshia: Marisa Lenti (Hasbro/Playdate Digital: My Little Pony: Twilight's Kingdom App: Princess Celestia & Cadance; ScrewAttack: DEATH BATTLE!: Noin; MirageV: Sacred Earth: Promise: Relima; A Wolf's Tale: Lina; The Mouth: Dragon , Libra & Eclipse Libra Fairy Tail(Funimation dub))
Elisven: Adoxographist

Please feel free to provide any feedback you may have!
What im looking for so far is feedback critic preferably honest cruel and honest opinions with arguments why you think that.

Please share and come vote us on steam greenlight.

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