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Battle Gem Ponies

A super-powered, shapeshifting pony RPG. · By Yotes Games

Galaxy 7 issue

A topic by AceCrimsonMoon created Aug 17, 2017 Views: 233 Replies: 6
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I downloaded on my Galaxy 7 will start up but then just stops and goes gray screen after the company title screen. 

Edit tried on kindle fire same issue...


I'm working on the issue right now. Seems to only be the android version doing this. I'll try messing around with settings and updating my Android software to see if the problem comes from some random setting in Unity that changed since the last Demo upload.

But for now, the other versions seem to work just fine. Hope you can play one of those in the meantime!

nope just have a kindle and a g7 no computer or other devices


I just uploaded fixed versions of the game. Should be smooth sailing now. 

Let me know if it still doesn't work for you!

black screen on kindle and error on g7


Weird biz... It's working on my devices and my friends' various phones. Try completely uninstalling the app on your device then re-downloading them from here. Maybe there's some carryover bugs going on. Gotta erase the old buggy version like it never happened

tried it refused to install now on the g7 and same issues as before on kindle fire. I was at Brony con 2017 (blue sword) and been trying to play it. Maybe it's cause both devices work with Google play