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Friday Night Funkin Furry Mod(Help wanted)(FNF)

A topic by Crimson Clover created 13 days ago Views: 175 Replies: 15
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Howdy im looking for people to help out our huge team the project is still a wip. This is For FNF btw now we have been looking for people who can make custom sprites we got some good concept art but i want someone who is just right to do this with us. Join this out of the intention of wanting to help we dont got money or funds for this but we are ambitious. This isn't a stereotypical mod either we have added much more than just levels and stuff. It's quite a huge project. We will be making the pre-release 1-3 when we get there. We need some people who are talented in animation for trailers and cutscenes,Custom sprites,Music artist,Voice actors,Concept artist. and if you have any  other skills you wanna offer. Crimson Clover#1160 is my discord username. If you are interested 

I'm not really talented yet I can do the concept for now  I'm interested.

Dm me on discord and give me so examples if you may please!

ok hold on

I'm making mod own Friday night Funkin mod  but I can make your concept.

thanks dudeski


Here's my concept if you want to see 


I can't log into my discord for some reason but here is my concept for now I kinda messed up but I tried to add the colors back.

I sent the friend request

I could maybe help tho my discord is acting up so here’s my example 

Its amazing 

also a down arrow sprite

Thats real talent right there wow.