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[Wanted][Unity][Developers][Musician] Looking for team members!

A topic by AlexLevstein created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 187
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Our Game

The escape pod is just in the next room! Why didn’t you just listen to the captain as to when to input the launch codes. This is a nightmare. You’ve watched your friends sneak up behind each other and scare the willies out of them til they were stunned, or killed on the spot. The ship’s core is almost depleted and when this...this thing comes for you it’ll be your turn to go. At this point you know who you can trust but now it’s too late; you’ve been trapped from believing in the wrong people.

Them is a side profile game for 8 players to become crew members ready to work together to survive or part of the infected crew trying to stop them.

Who are we?

We are a Toronto, Canada based team with myself, Alexander Levstein, and Anna Chau. Both of us are Industrial Designers with experience pushing projects through from conception to pre-production. Anna specializes in graphics and branding, and has been working on generating the visual feel of the game. Below are some of the concept images she’s created. I specialize in User Experience through emotion design and have been working on the game design.

As a team we believe in making an infectious game that’ll allow us to push our careers forward. What that means is that we will design and develop an experience worth people’s time.

We need

Developers able to prototype and execute on the design.

Musician able to do the SFX and music.

This project is quickly happening with a plan of putting up a Kickstarter within a month’s time that’ll allow us to fund our endeavour.

If you are looking for your next breakthrough or something to work on we want to hear from you. We understand the struggle of wanting to get your chance of entering the game industry and only by working together we will get there.

If you’re interested to hear more contact us at,