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Blessing Alien Escape

Escape from the Area 51 disguising yourself of human objects! · By Cactus Game Studios, Dertzack, Arknostik

Gameplay Video Locked

A topic by Fellowplayer created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 1
This topic was locked by Cactus Game Studios Sep 30, 2017
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Hey there, loved the game a lot and the concept was fun. Got a little confused with the name as it also says blessing in disguise but I will keep the title I see here. 5/5 well done.

YouTube: Fellowplayer 


Hi there mate! First of all thank you for playing and thank you even
more for making a video out of it, we are amazed that you actually liked

This game was first made for the last Summer UE4JAM and the theme of the
jam was Blessing in Disguise, so that's where the name is from, but the
game name is going to be Blessing Alien Escape.

This demo version was a small playable version we made for a meeting we
took part in August 12th and since we are Brazilians we had some stuff
in Portuguese to help people figure out how to play, so there is still a
lot of bugs and we are working to fix them. There should be a new
version of the demo this week or the next with a lot of new changes.

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