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Bounce Balls. Break Bricks. Don't get Shkapanged! · By Vector Hat

Feedback and suggestions

A topic by VanAlphen created Apr 17, 2021 Views: 139 Replies: 1
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Great Breakout game!

I noticed when the paddle is out of the playfield the bottom of the paddle is not showing.

It might be fun to start with 4-5 power ups to collect like it is now and every few levels one power up gets replaced by a better (similar) one. E.g. instead of 2x 3x or 2 small paddles next to eachother with a small gap in between, instead of F missiles, instead of B big balls or explosive balls etc. This would give extra incentive to try to reach further.

With so much action in the playscreen I sometimes find it challenging to look away to the corner to see what level I'm at. Maybe you could alternate the Shkapang banners at the sides with the level number.

sounds aa bit like gorf