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The game is fun, I like it. I think it's nice there's an ending although I haven't managed to clear it yet on Thorn difficulty. I did beat the butterfly boss so I assume I've been close. No bugs encountered yet. I plan to purchase it on Steam release.

My high Score is 96,831,034.

Rush mode is a lot of fun!

Great game, challenging and addictive! I got stuck and frustrated twice but then the subsequent sessions I was able to pass those levels like it was nothing.

It works again, thanks :)

Bad update?

I noticed the game was updated through "More information" but the game didn't update through the Itchio launcher. So I tried to uninstall and reinstall but the launcher doesn't see anything to install. Is it just me?

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I can understand that.

Cheese name pop ups when you pick them up might be fun (each one in its own style).

I'm still kind of bad at it but I'm getting better, I've now managed to unlock level 3 :)

I noticed when you bubble a cat they can still kill you for a moment.

You could add a time bonus to each round to add a bit more replayability for good players, of course it should be less than a cheese bonus to keep that as priority for scoring.

Btw if you were to make it a paid game at Steam, cat games do well, please add online leaderboards :D

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Yeah, I lowered it a bit I think. However it is part of the challenge and atmosphere, I'll get used to it I'm sure.

It's a lovely game (for arcade gamers) and has more depth than I was expecting from the WIP pics/gifs. Well done!

Great arcade fun! I'm having a hard time keeping track of my mouse and the cats because of the busy background. However I am enjoying the challenge and after many restarts I am now able to clear the first level :)

My replay

My replay
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Nice twin stick shooter! The waves seem a bit unbalanced with some super easy and others pretty challenging. Waves don't seem to get harder over time.

I've now managed to beat the 2nd boss, but I haven't fully figured out smashing yet. How to keep smashing like in the video and gifs?

I like that it supports a one handed analog controller in combination with my Wacom tablet.

Edit: Ah, hold right to keep smashing. 11.5M (recorded, may post later).

This is really great!

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Ah, I see. Shame.

I hope someone sees this and does a full revamp of the game because your version shows it has a lot of potential!

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Fun little game but on the web version I seem to be occasionally firing a bomb without pressing the bomb button. I didn't have that before with the alpha but maybe I used another controller. The power ups are very hard to spot. Bad power ups are annoying. Auto-fire would be nice.

The game is neat! The update made it more fun but also a bit easier. Before I couldn't get passed the dragons yet and now I cleared it on my first run.

Really enjoyable turn around of the tutorial shmup. It took me quite a few runs to be able to read the enemies, their bullets and the boss attacks, but eventually I got the hang of it :)

Nice, well done! How many stages are there?

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Fun little game, I like that enemies that drop and attack score more points. 68300 on my first clear.

The homing bombs are challenging! I recorded some gameplay.

Good to know!

How many levels are there in total? I've managed to reach lvl14 for now. I do kind of miss an auto-fire and a quick restart but I can manage without :)

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Nice little arcade shooter! Any plans to develop it further e.g. adding a combo system, auto-fire, more weapons or leaderboards?

Nice little puzzler. I was stuck for quite a while on one level but after restarting the game I figured there must be an easy solution and then finally saw it :)

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Perhaps a 'Start' button when you enter a new level with the timer not starting until you press 'Start'.

A Restart level option in the Pause menu. The quicker you can restart the harder it is to pull yourself away from the game :D

Here's a gameplay recording I made after a few hours of playing:

No, they work differently. A mouse sends movement to the pc and a pen/tablet a location. It doesn't work in all games but when it does I'm often happily surprised.

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At what jump force should this be played?

After some initial frustration and rage quits I changed the control method to Alt input method off so the inputs don't change and lowered jump force to 100% thinking I had changed it by accident. Later I read it starts at 120% which is a bit confusing.

Perhaps the game should have notes/pointers for the settings so you know what might be good beginner settings to start with and which settings should be used for regular play.

I'm not good at the game (yet) but I'm enjoying the challenges without having to start over all the time like in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy :)

Ah, I see. I've now found the issue. Last night I pinned the Itch launcher to my taskbar and when I launch it from there it doesn't show the pop up asking me for permission to make changes to my pc. Sorry about that.

Yes, I can download it manually and install without any issues. I just played a bunch.

Using the Itch launcher the game is unable to create a staging folder (Access is denied).

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"The game can only be played using a mouse"
Works fine with my Wacom pen :)

Fun casual puzzle/skill game.

The only small issue I have is that when reversing the steering is counterintuitive, you would expect to go right when steering left and vice versa when reversing. Perhaps an option for it in the gameplay settings so nothing changes for players that want to play like this.

I'm not familiar with driving (remote controlled) trucks so if I'm wrong, sorry :)

Since I can't rate the game: 5 stars!

Thanks, it works :)

Thanks for including it in the Ukraine bundle, I don't seem to be able to install it from the Itch launcher though.

Thanks, I'll see if I can figure out the spirals.

The games I usually play always have some kind of countermeasures against milking, that's why to me it seems odd but so be it :)

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Great game!

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get past the spiral enemies in sector 6, how to avoid getting hit? The only option I see is using the shield from sector 5.

After many many tries I cleared sector 6 with pure luck. The spiral enemies seem a bit too hard compared to all previous enemies imo.

I noticed in Arcade you can keep scoring in a sector if you miss the last ring. Perhaps it would be better if you stop scoring once you've missed one to prevent milking early sectors for points.

Since it's hard to survive for many sectors in a run starting from sector 1 it be might fun to have a separate leaderboard where you can continue your sector's best score.

I noticed you can easily clear sector 9 by keeping the boss at the top without hitting him.

This is great fun! Will there be a paid version (with online leaderboards)?