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GTFO the Planet

A desperate solo Roll n Write scifi adventure · By Internetsmagic

Some doubts about the rules

A topic by juancpin created Apr 16, 2021 Views: 176 Replies: 6
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Hi Aaron! I've got some doubts about the rules. How can I contact you to get some things clear? Here?


Sure. Ask away

thx Aaron!! First of all, the game is extraordinarily difficult but extraordinarily fun. The sense of tension is constant and if I ever get the f*** out the planet I’ll throw a space party.

Well, I’ll ask:

  1. The assignment of the dices is mandatory to be done in this order, Fate - location- countdown? Or can be assigned in any order?
  2. If I’m headed to, say, the market or the medic, but I haven’t got enough money to purchase anything? What can I do? Pass the turn and purchase nothing?
  3. If I’m left with exactly zero health points but in the next roll I gain two again... was I dead?
  4. When you say you can carry 4 items it means that if you haven’t loaded these items  you can’t purchase more rations or fuel? Or that you can’t load more than 4 at once?

and some suggestions 

  1. As I pointed out to you on Twitter the pdf is full of hidden text, idk if you would need to correct it.  (I told you, I was willing to translate it)
  2. I think that in market section the text should be: Sell Med Kit: +25c 

I think that’s all. It’s an awesome and funny game! Fast paced and clever!


thanks! You MAY perform an action at a given location. This means you don't have to do anything there. If your health reaches zero or less, you die and the game ends.

You can carry a maximum of 4 unloaded items. Which means you can only load a maximum of 4 items.

You may assign dice in any order you want.

ooohhhh great! Let’s go for it!

Oh Aaron! What if I cross out a three in the Countdown, use a 2 to buy two Ratiosn, then I'm at 0 credits, but then I use a 6 to earn 2 credits? Is this ok, isn't it? Or being at 0c for a turn, until going to the casino and regain 10c?


If you run out of credits, you lose the game.