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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Bugs and Ideas.

A topic by Elythas created Aug 11, 2017 Views: 175 Replies: 2
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So bugs first... I have encountered only 2 so far with one not really being a bug + one thing that is uselles:

Bug 1:  Sometimes when I have my bots running for a loooong time and they go a bit further so I don't have them on my screen they stop doing their work... just stand... I have to teach them the same thing for them to work again.

Bug 2: The one that is not really a bug... infinite stacks of items... I have 4 huge metal and 2 coal stacks in my base and they are blocking the view a lot so I'm trying to put the items into storage...

The uselles Thing: Seedlings... like... why? I have to use fertilizer and seeds to make... basically more seeds??? The tree seeds are Seedlings but... well better as they just drop from trees... thats it.


Idea 1: Glass. Can be used for flasks and windows and what not.

Idea 2: Buildings: Buildings can be build and walls can be build on top of each other then maybe you could get a second floor and use (another idea) conveyor belts to transport the items onto the second floor! (or just use bots and stairs...)

seedlings are better acorns. they grow faster.

Here are some ideas, also sorry for my bad grammar/speling.

- Day/night system.

-Day count .

-Solar panels for the bots (if its too op then make it waaayyy more expensive).

-Flowers(roses, sunflowers, ect).

-Power generators,cables,solar panels (on ground). 

-And a lil more bug fixing...mostly on the bots and their code.