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The countdown to the launch of "Bacci and the Ducklings" is about to end ...

A topic by created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 114
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It has cost us a lot of fatigue, sweat and blood (poisoned by cigarette breaks and many hours of work), but apart that the blood flowing also in this video-game, the work is almost over (at least to 1 week and a half). The story is that of the wretched hunter, Bacci, that fleey from home because of a bet with friends and who will have to avoid the envious rivals, without that they see him as a duckling and they shoot him, bringing home the greatest number of dead birds, without running out of ammunition and without go late for dinner with his wife that preparing an excellent stew.

History may seem trivial, but Bacci is well-equipped: he has a rifle, a miter, a bulletproof vest and a radar equipment, plus a lot of ammunition to shoot at everything that moves, including many objects that can explode, including with a chain explosion.

The game features are: smooth-scrolling, parallax, shadows, mirrors, sprites and sounds.