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Katja's Abyss: Tactics

A turn-based tactical game with minesweeper-inspired mechanics. Play the campaign to learn what Katja's planning. · By OneHundredThousand

Post Your Screenshots! Sticky

A topic by OneHundredThousand created Apr 13, 2021 Views: 105 Replies: 1
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Did something funny or unexpected happen? Did you manage an impressive feat? Show us! We'd love to see players interact with the game and surprise us with things that they accomplish. 

We're also interested in seeing which unit customization colors are most popular. Not for any particular reason, we just think Chrome is the best and want someone to prove us wrong. 

You can take still screenshots in-game by pressing f12 and record gifs by pressing CTRL-f12 to start and stop recording. These will be saved in the same folder that the game executable is in. Note that screenshots taken this way will be at a 1x scale, so they will appear a little small. You may prefer to take larger screenshots using your OS, instead. 



This was a real "Oh thank god" moment!