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(Devlog-3) Two Week Roundup, Demo Date, AI & More

A topic by Cardinal Game Studios created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 141
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Hey everyone! In the past weeks I accomplished a lot, from the design decisions like removing recoil, artistic improvements by adding UI sprites, and gameplay updates by establishing the core of the games AI. I said that if I made enough progress I’d be able to release a demo by this devlog but it seems like I’ve fallen a bit short. I have plenty of work to get done before the demo is released but I’m well on that track. My goal for the demo is to give a solid feel of what the gameplay will feel like so I can get plenty of insight and criticism on it. That way I can improve and make it better for the player! My goal for a demo release is currently August the 15th.

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Two Week Roundup

In the past two weeks, as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve added a few new features. Here’s a little run down of what those include, and I may include a short summary for some.

– Scrappy Bots

2017-08-09_10-01-25 A large chunk of the last two weeks was dedicated to developing and debugging the AI in the game. They have the basic patrol, attack, and flee patterns based on the situation given. They are still very basic and predictable but they will do for now.

– Some animation touchups – FPS Arms & Animation


– Created Singleplayer Match Setup


– Updated UI sprites


– Added healthpack powerup


– Removed recoil

I implemented recoil in the game because I thought it was standard for FPS games to have them and it gave the firing mechanic a sense of feedback. I realized this was only distracting for the player and no other games really had it. This lead to me implementing the FPS arms and animations.

Demo To Do List

The following are things I still need to get done to get the demo ready:

– IK Player Torso Movement (For aiming)

 – First Person HUD & Sprites

 – Death sound and animation

 – Death camera

 – A bit of polish & tweaks

Once the demo is ready I will provide a download link and will definitely be open to feedback. I’d like to make this game as enjoyable of an experience as I possibly can. But after running this game over and over again tweaking and debugging the littlest of features, its hard to tell what might make the game fun.

More news will be released on August the 15th, hopefully with a playable demo! Follow me on Twitter @CardinalGS to stay updated on progress!