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How to pick up a placed stone furnace?

A topic by Talus created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 2,851 Replies: 5
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I'm running about in 2.0 right now, via the steam release. I have a question! How do I pick a piece of furniture up that I have placed, for instance I have a quest now to make the stone furnace, though I already built it. I'd like to pick it back up to see if it fulfills the quest. Thanks!

You have to swing your axe at it twice.

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you don't need to show the furnace, just to have one built together.

I've actually had a bug where swinging my axe at objects I've placed doesn't pick it back up. T-T

same here. Thats why i reached out. Im going to try again this evening.

When u go next to the object u want to pick up the grid is green if u swing once it becomes blue swing again it becomes green again... it's like u cancel the action...what u need to do is swing twice without releasing the left click... for me that works.