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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

Played for the first time in a year or so

A topic by SaruCharmed created 73 days ago Views: 115 Replies: 2
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I enjoy this game a lot. I can see a lot has been improved since the last time I played it. Every time I die, the fullscreen turns into a window, which isn't a huge deal. Also sometimes the spikes on the ground disappear and I've died to these invisible spikes a couple times. I see you can make babies now, and I assumed these were a way to make a checkpoint, but it doesn't appear to work yet.  I'm excited to see where this goes!

I will say one thing I'd like to see change the most. It's a bit too easy to get stuck somewhere you can't get out of. I recognize why worms can dig down but when you're underground it seems like even eating worms can't override the inability to get down out of places. I often find myself with not enough jumping power to go up and no ability to dig down out of holes I'm in. I wish bats could actually give you flight instead of just a better double jump.


thanks for your feedback!

I’m sorry about how easy it is to get stuck. I have been working on changing the worm ability to digging through dirt and allowing all creatures to drop through platforms.

I haven’t updated in a while as I want to make sure there are less of those spikes and other bugs for my next release

I’m also working on fully evolving between all creature types, so this will allow flight!

That all sounds great! Looking forward to it.