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Three Star Driver

A topic by Masked Ninja Games created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 106 Replies: 1
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Three Star Driver is a fast paced driving game! No Brakes! No Gas! Just Speed! Drive thru Traffic and avoid vehicles! 16 Levels ranging with Four Speeds! Slow, Fast, Pro and Extreme! Two Difficulty setting for every level of Player! Normal with All four lanes of traffic flowing the same directions as you! Or, for more of a challenge, Hard mode! Two Lanes of Normal Traffic and two lanes of On-Coming Traffic! Hard mode on Extreme is.... Well Hard and Extreme! Two Different Race Cars allow for maximum traction and Control! Zip Between Cars you never thought Possible! But Don't Crash, or you'll have to retry the Level!

 Do you have what it takes to Drive thru the Traffic, avoiding all Vehicles and Race to the Finish?

Masked Ninja Games!