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Fasterer - you can't jump, but you can fly (Demo available)

A topic by Madamin_Z created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 892 Replies: 20
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In this game you can't jump, but you can fly. When you're faced with a wall you fly in the opposite direction. You must pass each level in 8 seconds.

Gameplay video:


Other links:

Devlog at Gamejolt:
Devlog at Tigsource:

Download link:

Added a circle. It turns you in the opposite direction.

I added the gun

I redrew all the sprites

I made a new gameplay video

Added a teleporter.

Which one is better?

My screenshotsaturday :)

New gameplay video

Added a switch wall

Changed switch wall

Added a moving platform in my game

Little changes.

Added a laser

Added vanishing and emerging spikes.

New gameplay video is ready.

Added a circle that makes you invulnerable

Finally published the demo: Gamejolt

Added a new thing. It stops your vertical speed.

Added minimalistic fireballs.

Added vanishing and emerging blocks