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The Vine Runners

A topic by Minitrope created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 504 Replies: 3
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The Vine Runners is a game of speed and reflexes.

You control a growing vine on wich your character run.
Take care of avoiding bombs, catch clocks to freeze the timer and stars to make you invicible for a few seconds.

The longer you run, the fastest you get, but hitting bombs will slow you down. Lowest time scores are the best :)

For now the core gameplay has been implemented. Some previews (on gfycat to reduce the bandwidth pain):

There is still work to be done but I'm getting there:

  • Modelize and animate the main character (the purple square is just a place holder)
  • Modelize the star and implement the invicibility mechanism
  • Add menus and sounds

I also plan to add a local multiplayer mode where 4 players can run at the same time on the vine :)
It is my very first game and I learnt a lot so far. Stay tuned for more progress.

Hi everyone! A short update to show you the character I made a.k.a "the runner":

It's the first time I do animation and I'm quite happy with the result so far. It was a pain to get it right since I'm not an animator, but for a first I'm a bit proud of myself. You can see a better version here:

I also modelized the star:

It will be the invicibility power up and will replace the blue boxes you can see in the previous gifs.

I'm getting close :)

Hey! It's update time.

The last days I put together the runner and the star to implement the invincible power up. Now when you take a star, 3 small stars appear around you and you glow. While being in this state you can throw yourself into bombs and not be slowed down. This allow you to take more risks and access power ups that may be otherwise out of reach.

I also added a more beautiful and animated background and some light effects. Here is a gif to show up all of that (sorry for the quality, I still need to learn how to produce quality gifs):

All the most fundamental features have been implemented except for the menu screen. So it's safe to say that the 1st version of this game will be released soon \o/.

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It's been a few weeks since the last update.

The game is now, I think, feature complete. There are basic menus and nice sounds as well as a jumpy and cool music :)

You can play it via the dedicated page. Unfortunately, OSX release will have to wait since I need to find out how to sign the app.

Please leave a comment on the page with your best score! (Lower is better.)

Since I plan to publish a game per month, I will slowly focus my attention to another game. However I still plan to add more things to the game. I hope you'll enjoy it :)