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Cellphone Diver - Dive! Fail! Upgrade! Repeat!

A topic by Sadale created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 176
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Update log:

15/01: Prototype Demo updated. Oxygen and new items implemented.

10/01: Prototype Demo available

06/01: Game design completed

04/01: Announcement of development

Hi! I'm Sadale, an independent amateur game developer. Currently I'm developing the game Cellphone Diver!

Dive! Fail! Upgrade! Repeat!

You probably hate being endlessly ridiculed by trollface, right? That's why you got to dive to get back your phone that you've previously dropped into the sea!

Very Early Screenshot

Game Design

  • Initial downward speed
  • the speed gets slower and slower over time.
  • oxygen: consumed when you dive.
  • repeatedly press <s> to dive for maintaining the speed. Consumes oxygen.
  • <left>/<right> to change the angle of movement
  • boost: put you in high speed for a short time. Does not consume oxygen.
Undersea items
  • plastic bags: slows you down
  • mines: instant death
  • bubble: recovers oxygen
  • snail: for purchasing upgrades
  • sea star: boost
Available upgrades
  • Launcher: affects initial speed
  • Upper body clothes: affects diving speed and damping
  • Lower body clothes: affects oxygen consumption and damping
  • Shoes: affects initial speed and damping
  • Backpack: affects oxygen, boost and weight
  • Headwear: affects initial speed, spawn probability of undersea items and lives
  • 2 endings designed. No startover is needed to get all two endings.


I'll update this thread from time to time. Stay tuned!

Pre-development Works
  • [Completed]Website
  • [Prototype completed]Trailer
  • [Completed]Gameplay design
Development Works
  • [Completed]Prototype of gameplay implementation, without upgrades, endings, etc.
  • [Partially Completed]Undersea items
  • [In progress]Upgrade shop
  • Upgrade items(including graphic and programming)
  • Ending
  • Menu scene
  • Sound effects
  • Background music
  • Polishing

Available Platforms

Flash, Windows, Linux, Android. Maybe more.

Available Languages

English, Esperanto, Cantonese

Designed Gameplay Duration

Less than an hour. It's a short game.

Publishing Works
  • Contact medias(not sure whether I can make it with a short game. Anyway, I'll try.)
  • Finding publishers(ditto)
External Links

Prototype Demo | Trailer Prototype(Youtube) | Official Website