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So.... About creating mods

A topic by Lukasblade2 created Aug 06, 2017 Views: 995 Replies: 4
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Sorry to be a new guy at this, but how do I create a mod for Bronze Age? More specifically a "texture pack" (for lack of a better word, although it's essentially what I'm going for), I basically just copied everything. 
I created png files of each of the sections, made some wonderfully ugly art for myself, and created an xml file with similar contents to the example one. I set the xml file to UTF-8, and placed it in a ZIP archive too. Put it in the mod folder as well. But when I boot the game up the texture pack doesn't appear. Anything I'm missing? Do I need to have any specific programs to build a different code or something?


It doesn't appear in the list under Graphics Mods? As long as the xml file is there it should be recognized. Are the files inside a folder in the zip file? If so, try zipping the files directly instead.

Nope, it doesn't appear. Let me include some pictures of what it looks like right now:

To explain the images, the first one is just the game file itself to show you what it looks like and where the mod folder is located on my pc. 

The second image is your example mod alongside my own, and the third image is a comparison between the example mod and my mod. I've also included the ground textures image because during my pixel art drawing I used the "smudge" tool for the grass and dirt. I'm unsure of whether using the smudge tool or not will affect the overall file.

Another thing, both zip files are WinRAR Zip archive files. It's kind of weird that it isn't working.... I believe it's definitely something on my end and I'm doing something wrong but I can't quite figure it out. 


Mine work perfectly. All the .png named the same as the basic ones, the text file a simple edition of the original (making sure the things between <> are still intact), and the whole thing inside a .zip file just like the basic graphics.

If you manage to get it working, please post pictures.

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Alright I got it! So I'm still unsure what the issue was, but I was able to get the mod working by creating the Zip Archive file directly into the mod folder and placing all of the assets into the Zip Archive file. This also worked when I created the Zip Archive file onto the desktop, placed the files into the Zip Archive file, and moved the Zip Archive file into the mod folder. 

Another thing, I also used the "add" button to add the files into the Zip archive file. As opposed to simply dragging the files into the Zip archive file

Here's what the textures look like. I messed up on the towers, the directions of each are messed up so I'm gonna have to go back and edit them.