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A short horror story, about your childhood. · By Aetheric Games

Awesome throwback to the 80s in a short horror story

A topic by MaskedGeek created Aug 05, 2017 Views: 334
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First off I'd like to say a huge thanks to the developer for providing a key for me to review on my YouTube channel, but that being said I still have to be honest with the game and in no way was I sponsored by Aetheric Games, or any of their affiliates. 

So first off I was very impressed with the props and assets in game at a lot of the toys you can interact with I had myself as a child.  Not everything, and I certainly don't recall a giant mouse.  How the 80s were captured in-game is brilliant and towards the end of the game turns genuinely freaky.

There's no real jumpscares though what the mouse did at one point did make me jump, it's less a mouse and more a gannet.  Still, wondering around the gameworld did remind me of what being an 80's was once like.  The creature comforts we have today we didn't have 30 years ago and this gave me a strange yet pleasant drive down memory lane.  I wasn't sure if the cartoon played on the TV was an actual cartoon played back then but the animation in it certainly resembles common cartoons of the day, even though the cartoons themselves would've been drawn in the 60's and 70's, but they were handdrawn neither-the-less.

You can play the game with keyboard and mouse or with a gamepad, but I do have a huge criticism about gamepad controls in this game.  There's no option to adjust the sensitivity of the thumbsticks and the right-thumbstick makes the protagonist turn far too slowly so went back to using the keyboard and mouse.

This game I feel is for a niche audience.  Much like Amnesia custom story The Trapdoor which this dev also made, you'd get the must enjoyment out of this if you understand the source material, in this case living through the 80's.  It could also be entertaining for those who want an idea of what the 80's were like without playing GTA Vice City, since VC is more a parody of the 80's where-as Bonbon is a closer representation, even down to the aesthetics of the construction materials used for homes of the period.

Story-wise, I've never owned anything but a dog so can't empathize with how a child would view something they're afraid of, but a child's mind is the most imaginative and a normal mouse could be seen as a monster to a child that's frightened of it.

For a rating out of 5, 1 being the worse and 5 being the best, I'd have to give this a 4 AND a 3.  For me it gets a 4 since I lived through the 80's and understand everything showcased in the game even if I didn't own all the toys myself.  But the 3 would be for today's kids who didn't live through the 80's therefore may not understand half of the content in the game.  It's major downfall though is the lack of options for using a gamepad.  But, for $2 it's well worth the price, but for me again since I lived the 80's, and today I still even listen to a few songs from that period, I would be happy with a $5 price tag.  But that's just me, I'm a dinosaur.

My playthrough can be seen on my channel here >